Konata Izumi

This is konata from an anime called lucky star.She loves video games,sweet foods,and is great at sports like cheerleading,track,baseball and more.Her best friend is Kagami even though she loves to annoy her to death deep down inside they are best friends.Konata is a anime freak, computer freak, and a tottal gamer and a lesbian.Yea she's a lesbo who cares.That's just  Konata for you!

Yuki Nagato

This is Yuki Nagato.She is a silent reader.She never speaks so you dont know much about her.W hat we do know is she is not the average human being.Haruhi,Mikru, and her were created as experiments to look like humans,feel what humans do,and react the way a human would.But theres more. Yuki can control weather,haruhi can create other dimensions,and mikuru can travel through time.

Naruto Uzumaki

This is Naruto.He is a ninja from the leaf village.His other teamates are Sakura and Sasuke.He is very determined and strong.He is in love with ramen and I dont blame him.RAMEN ROCKS!His sensei is Kakashi Hatake...or Hatake Kakashi.Well i dont really know.


This is Inuyasha.He is part demon and part human...and possibly part cat.He fell in love with a woman Kikiyo in the past.She died and he never saw her again.Poor Inuyasha.But now, he has fallen in love with a girl who looks like Kikiyo somewhat.Her name is Kagome Higurashi.She is traveling with inuyasha to find all the shards of a necklace or something...I don't watch it much.Please inform me on the informatio because i am clueless right now.

More biographies will be added soon!!!